Marketing Evil

Evil Marketing was a very important course for us, not only in terms of numbers –there were more than 3,000 people, but also in terms of content. With this event, we made history in global marketing and marked a before and after in this industry.

During Evil Marketing I revealed the most advanced strategies for getting out of the tunnel of useless marketing to the participants, providing them with a tested system of client purchasing based on the concept of “Info-First.”

This system allows you to attract a constant flow of clients who are IDEAL for your business.

In Marketing Evil I explained:

– How to find ideal clients when old techniques don’t work anymore and online marketing fails;

– The idiot entrepreneur trap;

– Why useless marketing doesn’t work (and how to avoid spending money on useless campaigns)

– The 3 strategies for alienating problematic clients and sending them to the competition;

– The concept of “Info-First”, which truly allows you to sell more

– How to apply the Evil Marketing system to your own business;

– Who is already selling to the ideal clients you want?

– Why brochures, door-to-door, cold calls and creative ads are ruining your business;

– How to beat the competition without marketing;

– The atomic bomb of marketing: how to become the only true leader in your industry;

– And much, much more…

Beside me on the stage were two guests of honor with whom I explained how to overcome the monsters that prevent the success of businesses, the great Al and Laura Ries!

The founding father of Brand Positioning and his daughter, Laura, creator of the “Visual Hammer” concept, were on stage with me to reveal the most advanced strategies for participants to become the first thing on their clients’ minds.

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