Ex-employee motorcycle enthusiast realizes his dream and opens best

And wants to send a bank transfer to frank without having purchased anything! La Torta inaugurale di Best Lap, il negozio di Mirko PREMISE: I haven’t attended any of Frank’s courses yet. I’m simply an ordinary, 32 year-old, high school graduate, who was always employed by others. I dealt with logistics and warehousing, so I…

Don peppinu: the no. 1 Original Sicilian Ice Cream in Italy

RICH ICE CREAM, POOR ICE CREAM The image on the left shows a  Don Peppinu ice cream shop, (previously Tasta, a name that we have completely removed despite it being an already well-known name) shortly after re-branding with the Merenda/Ries Method. The restaurant, which covers more than 300 square meters, is not only visibly full…

Would you ever say “no” to a doctor?

For 95% of the nurses who underwent a test, saying “no” to a doctor proved to be practically impossible, even though they didn’t know what the doctor looked like or what doctor we were talking about. I’m not telling you this because I am amused by the anecdotes, but because the result of this experiment…