Would you ever say “no” to a doctor?

For 95% of the nurses who underwent a test, saying “no” to a doctor proved to be practically impossible, even though they didn’t know what the doctor looked like or what doctor we were talking about.

I’m not telling you this because I am amused by the anecdotes, but because the result of this experiment is significant for your company.


I’ll explain it to you in a few lines.

In 1966, psychologist Charles Hofling conducted a test in a hospital ward.

In short, the nurses, who were all highly qualified and experienced, received a call from a presumed doctor.

The doctor in question did not identify himself in any way, except by claiming to work in the department, but he did not provide any identification code or anything even similar.

Despite this, as soon as the researcher gave an order to the nurses, they performed it without blinking.

Obviously, the order was absurd. In fact, it had the following characteristics:

  • it violated hospital procedure, it was not possible to make a prescription by phone;
  • the unauthorized product was not part of the pharmacological supply of the department;
  • the required dosage was excessive and dangerous, as indicated on the package;
  • the request came from a person the nurse didn’t know and had never met.

Despite this, the results were remarkable: 95% of the nurses carried out the order without any hesitation!

The nurses, believing that they had received the order from a doctor, did not ask themselves any questions and proceeded with the administration of the drug, ignoring all other information! (Once the patient was reached they were informed of the experiment and the medicine was not administered, no one was poisoned).

All this because of one, simple element: the title.

Presenting himself as a doctor gave the researcher unusual persuasive power towards the nurses, enabling him to lead them to perform actions that were ethically and professionally absurd.

This is a clear example of the power of authority and how it influences people’s behavior and pushes them to do what they are told.

Imagine what you could do with such power in your hands. You could say goodbye to those who constantly question the value of what you do, asking for more discounts and services without the slightest respect for your profession.

But since you are not a doctor or notary, how can you achieve this?

During the 2019 edition of Winning Salesman I will provide you with all the real tools, most concrete strategies and necessary procedures that you need to implement in your company now in order to acquire the power of authority.

In a nutshell, everything you need to:

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Rock ’n’ Roll!


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