Don peppinu: the no. 1 Original Sicilian Ice Cream in Italy


The image on the left shows a  Don Peppinu ice cream shop, (previously Tasta, a name that we have completely removed despite it being an already well-known name) shortly after re-branding with the Merenda/Ries Method.

The restaurant, which covers more than 300 square meters, is not only visibly full but has a long line of people waiting to taste “The No. 1 Original Sicilian Ice Cream in Italy”—so long that it streches outside the door. The restaurant logged a 53% increase compared to the previous period.

We’re in Marzamemi, not Milan, in an area of Pachino in the province of Syracuse, which counts 367 inhabitants.

The photo on the right was taken at the same time and shows an ice cream shop that is a few steps away from Don Peppinu and completely empty. This ice cream shop, however, is also a restaurant, bar, café, etc…

-Same sector

-Same country

-Same time

-Same way


-Different brand,

-Different focus,

-Different marketing.

Now I’ll say something that will certainly be misunderstood and make me particularly unpopular, but I’ll say it anyway.

There is a special reason why I literally GET OFF on Don Peppinu.

And it’s not just because I love Peppe Flamingo, admire his dreams and believe in his projects.

And not just because the brand we created works. I’ve created a lot of brands, and they all work perfectly.

No, Don Peppinu gets me off because even though they’re also in Milan, they were born and thrive in Sicily’s asshole.

A splendid, incredible, magical land. The center of Magna Graecia, the beginning and the end of everything.

A land, however, that is mistreated by its inhabitants who are accustomed to making excuses, complaining, waiting on the government, crying about the fact that “you can’t do anything in Sicily because… blah blah blah.”


Don Peppinu is our response to an entire population that is accustomed to crying. And not only to the Sicilian population—but to all those who live in the south and generally always have an excuse ready as to why they can’t do things.

Don Peppinu is the stronghold of Italy, not just of the South. This goes to show how starting from scratch, in a region that is mistreated in terms of business, where not even the inhabitants believe in their potential, dreams can be realized.

A person lives wherever they want, by all means. But if a person doesn’t necessarily want to work as state employee or an employee at all, it’s not necessary to emigrate.

You can stay in your own country, prosper, become known first throughout Italy and then around the world, provide work to many families, create prosperity for your land, etc.

Regional problems are not resolved by the state. They are not resolved by waiting for Jesus Christ. They are not solved by paying for bribes. They are not resolved by “making do.” Not anywhere.

Problems are only solved one way. Doing business and creating the future you want for yourself and others.

Ode to Don Peppinu, pride of the new Italian entrepreneurship that was born in the deep south, without connections, without favors, without incredible capital, without anything.

With only the hard work of a leader like Peppe and his team and with the right strategy.

1, 10, 100, 1000 Don Peppinu.

Do you also want to have a hungry crowd in front of your company while the competitors go hungry?

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Rock ’n’ Roll!


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