From The Stables To The Stars: The “Shortcut” To Becoming An Authority

Given that there are many fundamental elements to be taken into account in order to be successful with one’s own business, one of the most useful for both short and (especially) long term is to transform yourself into an authority of your industry.

Obviously, in order for you to establish yourself as an authority in a completely new sector that is already saturated with companies that have been there for years, there are many directions that your marketing campaign can take.

One of these is to publish a book that contains the answers to questions that your customers or your potential customers continuously ask.

For example, take the co-owner of Squeeze In—a chain of California-based restaurants, the famous Misty Young. She started with a 39-seat restaurant known for its omelettes.

As she grew older, however, other restaurants were asking how she got to be so successful and she realized that she could be seen as a real authority in her field. So she decided to put all the answers on paper so that they could be available to everyone.

After that, she wrote a book and published it under the title of “From Rags to Restaurants: The Secret Recipe,” which, in Italian, could be translated to, “From Stables to Michelin Stars: The Secret Recipe”.

The book was a huge success in the same way that it can be for you. If placed into the right marketing strategy, it will allow you to create a halo effect around your persona and this will make you instantly emerge as an authority (especially if NO ONE has ever written books in your sector).

With that said, after the book was published, she revealed this: “As soon as people realized that I wrote a book, I immediately positioned myself as the expert in my field.” After the publication of the book she appeared twice in the New York Times.

Her book, in addition to bringing more success to her business, also met the need that had grown among entrepreneurs who wanted to consolidate new businesses and be as successful as Misty.

The consequence of using the authority card in her marketing campaign has resulted in the construction of five family-owned restaurants, 10 franchised units and the goal of reaching 50 restaurants by 2020.

Given this, you can understand that establishing yourself as the authority in your field is how you will be able to dominate the competition throughout the life of your business. It allows you to reach those goals that are the responsibility of any entrepreneur today, and it immediately places you ahead of the others and opens the door to new customers.

Last thing: there are an indefinite number of roads you can follow to see your authority soar considerably, but only some of them are specific to the success of your company.

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