Is it possible to become the most famous surgeon in the world?

Every day I hear people complain about the difficulties in their sector and how their situation is particular, unique and different from others.

As much as I try to explain the fundamentals of professional sales, there is always someone who tries to prove that his case is more particular than the others, that his area is less rich and that people only look at the price.

It seems that entrepreneurs are looking forward to feeling discriminated against!

“But I sell winter coats for premature chicks … My industry is really different!”

NO, it’s not different. And it is precisely here where the shoe pinches.

It is true that there are strange, unusual sectors with a relatively low number of players. Just as there are overflowing sectors of competition, wherein there is lots of money but just as many players can continually pull prices down and “ruin the market”.

The point is that no sector is different, if you do your homework, you know exactly how to behave and what angle to use.

Allow me to give you a concrete example. One of the leading figures in the medical sector is Sanjay Gupta, a US neurosurgeon.

In addition to practicing his profession, he’s actually a medical correspondent in a CNN program for which he won an Emmy. He has often been a guest on TV shows such as American Morning, Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360 °.

He has a personal column in Time magazine and is sent to CBS.

He published important reports from New Orleans hospitals immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

He has written several books and was included by Forbes in the list of the 10 most influential people in 2010.

Now, do you think Gupta invented an extraordinary new technique in the operating room to earn all this success? No, sir.

Do you think that in the world there is no other surgeon as good as him? Unlikely. The world is full of exceptional professionals.

But despite all this, Gupta is an absolute authority and is followed by millions of people.

Was he lucky? Has it come to the right place at the right time? Wasn’t his sector different enough?

None of the above.

Given that his basic service is truly excellent, he has simply applied the most effective strategies to emerge, become an authority in the sector, impact a large number of people and attract only Series A customers.

Customers who recognize him as a point of reference for their health. Customers who are happy to pay a lot more than the competition, because they are convinced they will receive a service that no one else will be able to give.

During the 2019 edition of Winning Salesman I will provide you with all the real tools, most concrete strategies and necessary procedures that you need to implement in your company now in order to acquire the power of authority.

In a nutshell, everything you need to:

– be able to sell a greater amount of products or services per transaction, without resistance from customers and without having to cut prices to do so;

– be welcomed by even the most prestigious or important clients who wouldn’t even look your way in the past;

– give a sense of urgency to all customers, who will suddenly stop postponing and want to get started immediately, with deposits and substantial advance payments ready.

And this is only an infinitesimal part of what I will help you achieve during the next Winning Salesman, to be held in Barcelona from November 28th to December 1st, 2019.

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Rock ’n’ Roll!


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