Native, The Deodorant That Is Not A Chemical Experiment

Selling the business to an American multinational company just two and a half years after opening?

This is exactly the happy epilogue of Native, the natural deodorant brand founded by Moiz Ali and sold in 2017 to Procter & Gamble for 100 million dollars.

The interesting fact is that, at the time of acquisition, Native only sold ONE product (the deodorant) and had 8 employees.

But how was Ali so successful?

Simple. He diligently followed the laws of positioning, being very careful not to waste energy (and investments) in activities that had nothing to do with the chosen focus.

In an overcrowded market like that of personal care, Ali actually decided to only focus on the deodorant segment, positioning Native as “the deodorant that isn’t a chemical experiment.”

Unlike all the other products on the market with a very long shopping list of incomprehensible ingredients, Native only uses 14 ingredients of natural origin.

No strange “chemical” substances, with unpronounceable names, able to stop the creation of sweat by way of some kind of skin damage. Only natural products with names that are perfectly recognizable by anyone.

Starting with this positioning, Ali decided to sell his deodorant for 12 dollars, a price much higher than the products that are generally found on shelves at the supermarket.

And with the aim of constantly keeping the brand’s communication and presentation under control, he has always refused to sell Native through Amazon or third parties. In fact, before its acquisition and arrival in the large-scale retail trade, the only channel for purchase was the company’s website.

A site where Moiz also managed to solve the problem of customer retention, building a real membership that people can sign up to receive a new deodorant every X months—depending on habits and preferences—with a 15% discount compared to the single purchase.

Currently, half of Native’s monthly turnover comes from recurring consumer purchases.

And although this simple deodorant is much more expensive than the market average, people are happy to buy it again and again.

Furthermore, as the icing on the cake, Native offers free shipping and a 30-day guarantee for free returns.

The concept is: “If you don’t feel comfortable with the first package of Native and your armpits won’t sing hallelujah in total freshness, let us know within 30 days and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund”.

All seasoned with a manic level of customer service.

Now is it clearer why a giant like Procter & Gamble wanted to eat Native up after dropping a hefty payment?

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