Would you know how sell toilet paper online?

One of the tasks that is fundamental for you to constantly do is communicate with your customers.

In fact, just like you, they too move at the speed of light, chasing one undertaking after another without ever stopping to do things…

It is perfectly normal in such a context that they completely forget about you, what you sell and how well they got along with your excellent service.

It is equally likely that they will buy close to home or from a nearby place, despite the terrible service, the unpleasant sales clerk and the shoddy goods.

Like I said before, it’s for that reason that it is necessary to constantly communicate with them and reiterate your presence (obviously without losing the opportunity to sell).

When reading phrases like this, entrepreneurs turn their noses up and mutter that this is impossible in their industry.

If you are in this category, know that I’m about to talk to you about a company that keeps in touch with its customers all the time and that sells, drum rolls… toilet paper.

And if they do can it, nobody has excuses anymore.

In 2013, three young British entrepreneurs decided to open their business and sell toilet paper.

Not just any ordinary rolls to be put on shelves, but completely recycled paper that doesn’t involve the cutting of trees or the presence of plastic.

It’s obviously a project that has a very specific target, most people will not care at all and will continue to buy the first one they find at the supermarket.

The ecologists, however, will be completely won over by the project and its environmental mission.

“Who Gives a Crap,” is the name of the company, and it points straight to them.

And it was not a bad choice, given that before everything started, even before production began, they quickly reached 50,000 euros in pre-orders.

The guys at Who Gives at Crap don’t miss an opportunity to market. All the rolls are actually packaged in paper (obviously recycled, to stay in line with their brand) on which they reaffirm their ecological intentions with typical English jokes.

Although they have a clear target to hit and differ from the competition, these three entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that the risk of being forgotten is high.

For this reason, not only are 3 of the rolls you get “emergency rolls,” packed in red to remind you that you are about to finish your precious toilet paper…

But also, after a carefully calculated amount time, you start to get emails to make sure that you are not forgetting toilet paper or buying it in a normal supermarket.

I’m more than certain that you sell something vaguely more interesting than just toilet paper, so why aren’t you communicating with your customers?

It is essential that you remind them that you are there, that it’s been a while since they last bought from you, that they risk running out of your product.

But this is just one of the many things you need to do to keep your customers tied to you.

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